Junk Land The Animation

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Junk Land The Animation
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This OVA consist of three short stories about otakus.

• Ebikawa and Tanaka are both otakus. After filling up their bags in Akihabara, Tanaka drags Ebikawa with her to the ero-shop. Ebikawa confesses that he prefers bondage over lingerie’s, well that is until she shows him her rather sexy underwear…

• Tanaka and Ebikawa have bought new sex toys, and to spice things it up some more decides to try them out at school.

• To celebrate the end of the finals, the members of the manga study club have decided to have a karaoke party. Arihara is the only female member and is the quiet type with low self-esteem. But she has decided to change. With the help of some alcohol, she turns things around

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