Kiss Hug

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Kiss Hug
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Natsumi Kusunoki, a sales clerk at a contract, visits Kamonoya, a resident of a rag apartment.

With a complaint about the sale of a new product named Decamaran D, a trial experience comes with a sample now!

Natsumi is forced to drink and try the effect.

The energetic agent that lasts around 6 hours is instantaneous for girls as well!

“Cooking and love”

Chizuru, a childhood friend under 10 children.

When he was young, he grew up like his brother and sister.

Chizuru’s body was weak and repeated hospitalization and discharge, and gradually became unable to meet his face.

And reunion for the first time in a few years …

I want to sleep with Haru.

Chizuru confesses her thoughts since childhood.

Once they have grown up, they share their favorite feelings with each other while overlapping their bodies.

Includes “Contract and Site” and “Home Cooking and Love” from the original “Kiss Hug”

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Galeri Kiss Hug


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