Himitsu no Kichi

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Himitsu no Kichi
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Mine is forcibly taken to work in her parents’ fields by Ayano, a veteran member of her club. However, by spraying water, Ayano’s clothes are splashed with water, and under the transparent clothes, there is a cute nipple… A small accident leads the two to vent their feelings towards each other. Under the blue sky, their lips touch, fueled by uncontrollable love and lust. Yuzu, a beautiful young woman with long black hair, is the object of male admiration. But when she is alone, she takes a selfie masturbating and enjoys it.Today, when she is secretly taking masturbation photos in the club room, she is finally discovered by her superior, Matsuyama.Yuzu is anguished with shame, but after revealing her true nature, her sexual appetite increases to the point where she seduces Matsuyama and devours his cock. Yuzu’s face turns from innocent beauty to lonely bitch as she begs to be penetrated, unable to hold her aching pussy.

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Galeri Himitsu no Kichi


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